The Japanese literary magazine Atlas has been publishing - in every half-yearly issue since July 2014 - Hiromi Mizoguchi's translation of Brinckmann's essays. Its January 2023 issue No.47 and July 2023 issue No.48 featured Brinckmann's memoir of the 1944/45 the winter of starvation, entitled The Monkey Dance – Chronicle of a 12-year old Dutch boy in the Winter of Starvation, 1944-1945.

The memoir was earlier self-published in English. Anyone wishing to buy a copy of the memoir, priced at Yen 700 plus postage, should contact me at (change + into @ before sending your message)

Its original Dutch text is now available as an online version that can be found by clicking on this link:

The Nature of Kyoto: Writers in Kyoto Anthology 5

Brinckmann's essay, "Restaurant Boer," received the Third Prize for the 6th Annual Kyoto Writing Competiion organized by Writers in Kyoto in May 2021 (we reported this news in Attention! back in May/June 2021). Their latest anthology includes his essay.

Writers in Kyoto

Judges' comments:

"Restaurant Boer" by Hans Brinckmann
This was a lovely and generous narrative, full of interesting details about the first Dutch restaurant in Kyoto, and told with humor and warmth. The judges felt that the author was right there, telling us his personal story. While there were cultural factors in the enterprise which caused confusion, it was a delight to see that there was a happy ending after all. It is the imagery of the bridge at the end that makes this brief tale so engaging. A restaurant may have gone by the wayside only to make way for a lifelong partnership.

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