September/October 2021

On October 16, from 11 a.m., Hans Brinckmann gave a 50-minute online Zoom presentation for the 2021 Japan Writers Conference entitled: "Maintaining Close Connections with a Country or City can help your Career", richly illustrated with 50 photos, shown on Power Point. The talk received many positive reactions. As announced earlier to our readers, its recorded version is available on YouTube, and has already been viewed over 70 times. If you still want to see it, click here:

We failed to report earlier that Kyoto Journal, in its #99 issue devoted to travel at the end of 2020, posted a laudatory review by its editor Ken Rogers of Brinckmann's latest book, The Call of Japan, together with an excerpt from the book, with photographs. The 219-page digital issue is still available for Yen 550 at:

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