Hans Brinckmann
Hans' YouTube Book Japanese Society and Culture in Perspective

Edward G. Seidensticker (1921-2007)
Photo © Hans Brinckmann

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Welcome to the first Habri update of 2022.

Normally, we send you an update every two months, but since the beginning of 2022, the Habri team has been preoccupied with other work, mainly the Japanese translation by Hiromi Mizoguchi of Hans Brinckmann's latest book, The Call of Japan.

Hiromi has now completed her translation, found a publisher, and has already checked the first proof of the book in detail. The book is due to be published sometime this summer.

As always, today's Habri Diary covers various topics, including how to reduce food waste; Ukrainian refugees accepted by Fukuoka; the Floriade 2022 Expo in the Netherlands; and the plan of Indonesia's president to move the country's capital from Jakarta to a new location.

In Attention! you will find some information on the 45th issue of Atlas magazine, featuring my encounter in 1957 with the famous author Edward Seidensticker, pictured above. My essay is available to our Habri readers. Just go to Attention! for access.