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Hans Brinckmann's book "The Call of Japan" in Hiromi Mizoguchi's Japanese translation has won First Prize in the 26th Japan Self-Publishing Culture Awards in the category "Best Essay Writing"!

The Japanese title of the book is "Watashi to Nihon no Nanajunen" meaning "Me and Japan over 70 years" and has been published by Nishida Shoten in Tokyo.

The Japanese daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun (4.3 million readers in Japan) featured a short report about this prize winning.

The Asahi Shimbun in its 7 September 2023 issue

Reviews of Hans Brinckmann's book, The Call of Japan

The Call of Japan has attracted some very positive reviews from professional writers:

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The Call of Japan - A Continuing Story 1950 to the Present Day is available online.

Amsterdam University Press


The Japanese translation entitled わたしと日本の七十年 ― オランダ人銀行家の回想記 is also available on Amazon.co.jp

This book was highly recommended by Kazuyoshi Ishiguro for Zaikai business magazine (2022 November 16 issue) as one of the ten books which business leaders must read to see into the essence of things. See the review.