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On March 14, Hans Brinckmann gave a lecture in Tokyo about his personal wartime experiences as a young boy in the final winter of WW2, 1944-45, known in Holland as the Hongerwinter - the Winter of Starvation.The talk, which was organised by the De Liefde Club, a division of the JapanNetherland Society in Tokyo, was a sold-out event, attended by 45 members. It was illustrated with Power-Point images of the war.
The presentation was based on two of Brinckmann’s publications:

  1. An essay with the title Of Guns and Cutlery, published in Hiromi Mizoguchi’s translation in the July 2015 issue of the Japanese literary magazine Atlas; and
  2. The full text of Brinckmann’s wartime memoir, self-published as a little book under the title The Monkey Dance, Chronicle of a 12-year old Dutch boy in the Winter of Starvation, 1944-1945.

Both publications were available for purchase at the event, and can still be ordered by sending a message to the Habri mail address on the top page. Price: (1) Yen 1,000 plus postage (2) Yen 700 plus postage.

The Monkey Dance

Lecture on March 14

Atlas magazine July 2015

Book signing after the lecture

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