July/August 2018

New Publication:

The Japanese literary magazine Atlas in its July 2018 issue No. 38 published Hiromi Mizoguchi's translation of Hans Brinckmann's essay about a memorable visit he received shortly before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics by Edmund ("Eddy") de Rothschild, a prominent London banker and horticulturist.

Upcoming Event:

On October 13th and 14th, your Habri team will be attending the annual Japan Writers Conference, which this time is held at Otaru University of Commerce in Otaru, Hokkaido.

Hans will give a presentation with Power Point on the following subject: "What to avoid and what to focus on when writing a book about 'Japan'."

Hiromi's presentation, also with Power Point, will be on "Deconstructing my translation of Brinckmann's The Tomb in the Kyoto Hills and Other Stories."

For further information, see the JWC website

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