January/February 2019

New Publication and New Promotions:

The Japanese literary magazine Atlas in its January 2019 issue No. 39 published Hiromi Mizoguchi's translation of my story, "Twice upon a Plum Tree," taken from my award-winning book "The Tomb in the Kyoto Hills and other stories" (Strategic,2011).

And, as reported in Habri Diary, Tuttle Publishing has launched a new promotional campaign for my republished book "Showa Japan - The Post-War Golden Age and its Troubled Legacy." With the "legacy" - the Heisei era - soon coming to an end when the Emperor Akihito abdicates in favor of his son, it is considered the right moment to bring the book once again to the attention of readers interested in Japan's history. At Maruzen and other book stores the book is available for purchase at a price of Yen 1,100. See also Tuttle Publishing website:

To order The Tomb or other books by Hans Brinckmann online - go to:

Recent Event:

At the invitation of Writers in Kyoto, a group of English-speaking writers living or working in Kyoto, I gave a lecture on "Kyoto in the 1950s" based on my own experiences and impressions during that decade. The talk was illustrated by Power Point with photos taken by me during the 1950s. The audience's reaction to the lecture far exceeded our expectations, and my talk also received a very favourable review by Writers in Kyoto - click here.

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