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On March 11 it was five years since the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake and the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear reactors. Habri Diary reviews the present condition of the disaster zone, and the way the government is dealing with the tens of thousands of survivors still living in temporary housing.

Other topics covered in the Diary are the growing concern about worrisome tendencies among Japan's current government leaders to curtail the freedom of the press; and the contrast between Japan's long-standing policy not to admit refugees or significant numbers of foreign workers, and the amazing growth of inward tourism.

Oh, and then there is the good news that two of Brinckmann's previously published books received Honorable Mention Awards on April 9 at the Pacific Rim Book Festival, one for The Tomb in the Kyoto Hills, a book of stories all set in Japan, the other for The Undying Day, a collection of poetry in English, with Japanese translation by Hiromi Mizoguchi. Click on Attention! above for details, and how to order the books.

Note: On April 14 a powerful earthquake hit Kumamoto, a famous castle town 110 km south of your Habri team's residence Fukuoka, where strong shocks were also felt. Since then there have been many aftershocks, one even more powerful than the first one. There is wide-spread destruction, and a rising number of dead and injured.

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