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Welcome to the September/October edition of our Habri website, considerably delayed due to a busy schedule, including two lectures. Above, we are showing the same image as on our previous, July/August issue. Why? Because my new book, The Call of Japan, has attracted some very positive – even laudatory – reviews which I want to share with you:

"With the passing of such literary and cultural luminaries as Donald Richie, Edward Seidensticker and Donald Keene, Brinckmann is one of the few remaining English writers who bore witness to the extraordinary transformative forces set in motion in Japan after the war" – from Stephen Mansfield's October 17 review in The Japan Times

"Hans Brinckmann has clearly made the most of the opportunities and challenges that came his way, concluding with a deep bow for 'Japan's generally caring, non-violent, balanced way of life' (p. 302). The Call of Japan, packed with photographs, would make an ideal gift for the approaching Christmas and the New Year seasons" – from Roger Buckley's review in The Japan Society Review

"Brinckmann's text is a reminder of the hardships that had to be endured … In the process he looks tenderly at the cultural and social resources of his adopted country and writes lovingly of his marriage, but never forgets that there were and remain plenty of 'fundamental problems' that have yet to be properly confronted or conquered. Brinckmann's work comes warmly recommended as an additional perspective to the college texts" – from Henry Hilton's October 24 review in Japan Today.

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