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Kyoto in autumn... The extravagant final show of nature, before its coming hibernation - the breathtaking beauty of those maple leaves in their many shades of red! No wonder it's Kyoto's top tourist season, and didn't we know it. We spent two days there, with old friends, visiting temples and gardens, and wherever we went, the throngs of people were overwhelming. The taxi driver who look us back to the station said "we can't go on like this, it's destroying our life!" The photo above is misleading: it's a shot stolen over the shoulders of a mass of tourists. But the pictures below show the true situation.

Habri Diary this month comments on the changing political situation in and around Japan, in addition to some further thoughts on the subject of “healthy food” triggered by reactions from our readers to our previous article on the subject. A short reference to the disproportionate influence the Netherlands have had on Japan's history concludes this, our last 2016 Habri issue.

We wish our readers a peaceful Christmas season and a happy start of the New Year!