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Welcome to this year's 5th update of our Habri site.

As Japan's cities become ever more crowded, an escape to a mountain resort serves as a welcome break from urban noise and congestion. Among Japan's most beautiful retreats is Kamikochi in the Japan Alps, a remote mountainous valley, elevation 1,400 meter. The above photo was taken by your Habri team in early autumn, along Kamikochi's Azusa River.

In today's Habri Diary we offer our comments on Japan's current political situation and the growing threat from North Korea. On a more cheerful note, we report on the remarkable 3.1/2 months' long journey by a Dutch couple in their second-hand Subaru car all the way from Amsterdam to Fukuoka - 22,000 km!

Also do take a look at our Attention! page, where we report on the 2017 Japan Writers Conference, this time held in Tokyo.