Hans Brinckmann
Hans' YouTube Book Japanese Society and Culture in Perspective

Photo © Hans Brinckmann

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Welcome to the May/June 2020 edition of this Habri website.

The image above is that of a ladybug enjoying lunch by sipping the honey of white clover growing in our Fukuoka neighbourhood. White clover was brought to Japan in the Edo Period by Dutch traders, and has a most unusual Japanese name, which refers to its original use. See our Habri Diary for details.

We had hoped to introduce Hans Brinckmann's new book in this Habri issue, but publication has been somewhat delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its title is The Call of Japan: A Continuing Story - 1950 to the Present Day and it is a reissue of Brinckmann's 2005 memoir, The Magatama Doodle - One Man's Affair with Japan, with 70 new pages covering the period from 1974 to the present. The original Magatama book attracted raving reviews, but has been out of print for some time. Second-hand copies are offered on amazon.com at prices exceeding US$1,300! Surely evidence of its great popularity.

The new book can already be preordered on amazon, Click here