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NHK television news about the Osaka earthquake
Photo © Hans Brinckmann

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Just as we were preparing the May/June edition of our Habri site, we heard the news on television of a magnitude 6.1 earthquake that hit the area northeast of Japan's second largest city, Osaka in the early morning of June 18. So far, 4 dead have been reported, and over 300 injured.

The last time that Osaka was hit by a major earthquake was in 1596, by a magnitude 7.5 tremor. When I, Hans Brinckmann, was transferred in 1954 from the Kobe branch of the Dutch bank I was working for to the Tokyo branch, my Japanese colleagues commiserated with me, as - in their opinion - the food in Tokyo was second-rate, and earthquakes were part of the capital's DNA. Well, I experienced no earthquakes in Tokyo at the time, but in 1995, the city of Kobe - about 30 km west of central Osaka and 50 km from today's epicentre - was hit by a 7.3 magnitude quake that caused massive damage and huge loss of life, with over 6,400 deaths. So it seems no part of Japan is really safe.

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