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Welcome to the March/April edition of our Habri website.

For the past two months the looming Brexit has been dominating much of the global news, with no clear departure date in sight. The other 27 EU members are clearly getting tired of the endless delays and the British inability to make up their mind.
True, in the referendum of 23rd June 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU, albeit with only a slight majority. Those voted to remain represented 48% of the electorate, and they are still hoping - given the increasingly messy procedures that have characterised Theresa May's efforts to achieve an orderly Brexit - that the UK will after all stay in the Union.

We were reminded of the chaotic Brexit situation when passing a pond in our neighbourhood and catching sight of an unusual clutter of water turtles - see photo. They were largely sticking together, like the 27 EU members, though one - on the upper right - seemed to consider leaving. Poland?
And the one on the left, though like the UK physically separated from the group, clearly is a Remainer, still hoping to stay with the family.

Topics covered in our Habri Diary are the announcement of the name of the new era beginning with the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito on May 1, 2019; and the danger of walking the sidewalks in Japan's big cities. AND the growing interest in Hans Brinckmann's book, The Tomb in the Kyoto Hills and other Stories.