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No.20 [06/'14] JAPAN TIMES Patriotism article
No.19 [07/'10] The hidden threats to Japan's society
No.18 [05/'10] Japan's dual challenge: how to generate ideas and communicate effectively in English?
No.17 [02/'10] Capitalism, also a Japanese love story?
No.16 [01/'10] Japan's future: gloom or glimmer?
No.15 [10/'09] A New Age for Japan?
No.14 [04/'09] Momentous times: the London G20 and its implications
No.13 [11/'08] Japan's inner strengths and its future world role
No.12 [10/'08] Karoshi: Corporate abuse of traditional 'loyalty'
No.11 [07/'08] The dramatic rise in Western-style dining since the 1990s
No.10 [06/'08] Reducing carbon emissions: The limits of voluntarism
No.9 [03/'08] How the Showa spirit can help fight global warming
No.8 [12/'07] Businessmen and bureaucrats: uneasy bedfellows
No.7 [11/'07] The new social classes and the rise of poverty (*)
No.6 [10/'07] Healthcare: Japan's excellent system but beware the free market
No.5 [09/'07] Why British trains don't run on time... and the Japanese do
No.4 [05/'07] Showa Nostalgia, Part II (*)
No.3 [04/'07] Why the Showa nostalgia? (*)
No.2 [12/'06] The Identity Issue (*)
No.1 [08/'06] Thoughts on Japan at the start of the 21st century.
Note: Essays marked (*) are not available on this website, as the text has been incorporated into my new book, "Showa Japan: the Post-War Golden Age and its Troubled Legacy", details of which you can find by clicking here.


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